Coming back to Earth

I stop.
Look up.
Blue sky.
Green hedge.
Solid Earth.

I land,
Feeling gravity holding me close.
Where have I been?
Away with the fairies over the summer solstice.
The circle has gone now,
vanishing as quickly as it appeared.
It’s good to come back down
to Earth

I roll onto my belly,
feeling my heart pounding against the wall of my chest
And allow some deep breaths to release me
to soften, expand and relax my muscles.
My skin is brushed by the warm breeze.

This is it,
there is no more.
It is enough.
It is more than enough.
It is magnificent.
The Kite soaring and the woodpecker tapping.
Although I can never see enough to be satiated,
I have seen enough to know I have to act.

From Bill Plotkin – Nature and the human Soul

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