Pisces Sabian symbols

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon

A New Moon sets the seed forms for what the following month will demonstrate. This Lunation falls at 24 Pisces.

The Sabian Symbol we’ve been given for the 24th degree of Pisces is “An inhabited island.” In the original notes from the Marc Jones class on the symbols published in The Astrology of Personality, Rudhyar says this is a degree of “Centralization of supernal forces,” “adaptability and inherent creativeness of man,” and “Extreme of surety in self-expression.”

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of this Sabian symbol explains:

 “The first duty of any man or woman is to be truly what he or she is as an individual. 

And this individual has a Particular place and function in a vaster whole interacting with other islanders — 

and all eventually will come to realize their oneness within the whole Earth, which includes everything.”  


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