Poetry Dive 2 With Kim Rosen


What I take:-

of what
I would want my child to know
my poems attempt.

We are infants before each others are we not,
so vulnerable to each other’s words and

A school I sat in cured me of hurting others.

I have come to see that all are seated at His table, and I
have become His

Sometimes God is too shy to speak in public
and He pinches me.

is my cue –
to fill in the blanks of your

the best I

What I receive:-
Om mani padme hum
Kim Rosen – Practise
Not the high monastery on the mountain top I had dreamed of wished for by this.

What is left to say –
step out of the circle.

Fire on the Earth- David Whyte.

Sono’s death poem – from 5 Invitations being wit the dying.
don’t just stand there with your hair turning grey.

There’s no going back – Wendell Berry

Angels – Miriam Darlington.

The loneliest job in the world –

Gravel – from Mary Oliver‘s The leaf in the cloud

First lesson – Philip Booth.

I did god’s – Gerald Manley Hopkins

Love after love – Derek Walcott

What I made:
peace and love.
gentle magic,
deep and gentle magic
juice and energy.
juice and energy.
I move down the page.
and nothing comes.
what matters for me?
juice and love
peace and love.
colour and magic.
happiness and quietness.
rest, slow time.
happiness and weather.
weather and happiness.
sunlight and showers.
oceans and waves.
wind moving through.
through the trees.
and the bees.
And the seeds.
And the wooden pilgrim’s staff.
Leave everything else behind.
and jump in the boat with Noah.
What time is it?
What time is there?
Is there time?
Time is changing,
stages and ages,
menopause and changes.

Sitting on the top of the world.
the oracle of Delphi.
breathing in the fumes.
The fumes of the volcano.
the fumes of the plant medicines.
the three plants of the medieval witches
Belladona, mandrake and henbane
the European shaman.
burnt, shamed, derided as shams.
the witches of Europe killed
heal the witch wound women
And rise rooted.
hold the circles.
hold the rituals.
the rites of passage.
mark those turning points.
the 8 Turning points of the cycle.
of the clock
Of the wheel of life
feel, feel.
mark the wheel.
heal the Wound.
rise rooted.

return the whalebone box.
travel to the edge.
return the box to the sea.
turning circles
peace and love.

Others write:
when your heart cramps, rest.
have I loved all of this enough.

what I have known my whole life
doesn’t make sense

you look beautiful.

take only new seeds and a stick.
soneone knows you’re coming
they have salted a fish for you
Walk into the darkness
the unknowing is precious.
give away the collection of lies.
find the garden strung with lights

you did not make the soil
but you can plunge your hands into its deep bounty.

live courageously in this world of unbelieveable beauty.
don’t just stand there turning grey
Nurse my beloved into death.
and rise. step out of the circle.
there’s no going back
be generous.

And the full moon rises with Jupiter at its crown
and Saturn just off to its left

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