Reservoir Days

Dragonflies and black-faced sheep
an elusive grey legged goose
rain comes.
gentle at first
land we’re undercover of the trees
but quickly it’s heavier.
and we make for the wooden hides.
Here we can sit
surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature’s intrigues
Breathe, soften, release,
And remember ourselves as a part of the universe expanding.

Come Here My Love

Song by This Mortal Coil
Come here my love.
This feeling has me spellbound.
Yet the story line in paragraphs laid down the same.
In fathoms of my inner mind I’m mistified, oh, by this mood.
This melancholy feeling just don’t do no good.
Come here my love.
And I will lift my spirits high for you.
I’d like to fly away and spend a day or two.
Just contemplate the fields and leaves talking about nothing.
Just laying down in shades of effervescent, effervescent
Colors and shades of time and tide. 
And flowing through. 
Become enraptured by the sights and sounds in intrigue of nature and beauty.
Come along with me and take it all with you.
Come here my love.

Source: LyricFindSongwriters: Van MorrisonCome Here My Love lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Warner Chappell Music Inc

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