Scorpio Full Moon Lunascope

Lunar ladies Moon Musings.                                               The last Taurus new moon asked you to begin to find a stability and security in life that comes from deep within you and truly feel into your emotions and the intuitive nudges that you have been getting for a long time. Now here comes the Scorpio full moon to literally propel you into awakening, truth and transformation.
This full moon is possibly the most emotional of the year and builds for days, with waves of raw emotion swelling and almost taking over. It’s intense and emotion filled and takes you on a deep, deep dive beneath the surface, but if you are willing to go there, the powerful energy of this moon brings a huge opportunity for change and transformation.
As the world around us shifts and changes, under the illuminating light of this full moon truths will begin to be revealed, power reclaimed and mysteries solved – as the magician and shaman of the zodiac, Scorpio is here to transmute and transform.
And that’s where this moon holds such power and magic. The reason many people fail to ever step into their full power and purpose and follow their true path in life is fear. Fear that we may get it wrong, fear it won’t work out, fear of what ‘they’ may say or going against society says, and most of all the fear that comes from our shadows. The parts you hide from and don’t want the world to see, the little shadow selves and feelings of inadequacy which stay hiding just around the corner waiting to jump out on you at any given moment. The little voice within that whispers to you each time you’re about to make a big shift or change telling all about your secret hidden fears of what could go wrong, and how you’re not good enough.
The Scorpio full moon wants you to know the extraordinary power and depth of who you are, mysterious and mystical Scorpio wants you to know your magic. To help you to do that this moon is here to illuminate your shadows and bring them into the light so they will never be scary again.
You may find, just to test this further, that catalysts and triggers for your deep hidden emotions and all of your not enough beliefs will come up over this moon. Don’t suppress anything. Allow yourself to feel everything, your emotions are signposts to all that remains unhealed and unresolved within you.
Ruled by Pluto, the most powerful planet in astrology ruling death, rebirth and transformation, change is coming under this moon whether you like it or not, and it’s up to you whether you’re the instigator of that change or a so-called victim of circumstance.
Remember those intuitive nudges that the Taurus moon asked you to look at? The ones you’ve likely been feeling yet avoiding for a long time. The little niggles that the job/relationship/living situation/friendship circle/life path you are following is not quite working or the one for you and that changes need to be made. The Scorpio moon is now here to do the big reveal and show you in no uncertain terms what needs to change. 
This Scorpio full moon brings an alchemical magical that will help you to awaken to your own soul.
Reflect on the following journal prompts and allow the wisdom and guidance of this moon to reflect back to you the answers from within…
What is the truth of your life right now? What do you absolutely know to be true?  🌙What does the little voice within whisper to you when you are just about to make a big shift or change?   🌙What needs to change in your life right now?   🌙What are you capable of when you step fully into your power, passion and purpose with no fear?

And we’re in Taurus!Taurus loves beauty and all the senses. It’s me honeybee, 😁hold onto my hand and tap into my earthy grounded creative qualities.

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