Sunday Sadness

Reflections in the window of the bare tree.
shocks me.
Autumn is really just around the corner.
Always a source of joy for me.
but this year I have embraced the heat far more,
I have really sought it out,
welcomed it on my skin
taken it inside me,
Now it wanes.
But I love the nights drawing in,
the thought of lamplight and fires
wafts in on the cooler air.
Up the garden. The Ash tree,
the last to dress and the first to cast off her summer clothes.
is doing just that.
They still retain a few leaves
but her branches are becoming naked to the wind once more.
On the veg patch the cabbage, kale and sprouts
Have taken a battering
from hungry minibeasts.
But it’s the best year yet for beetroot and carrots.
and the runner beans are in abundance as they always are.
The weather sweeps through
cloud skimming across the sky on a westerly wind.
The plump pears sway
And the branches of the apple trees, laden with fruit
Stoop to the Earth with their bounty.
The first red berries are appearing on the Hawthorn,
lf the flowers of the May tree herald summer,
the haws surely herald autumn.

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