Furry mint flowers mint me at the door
The Hydrangea and sunflowers are finishing.
But there’s a bud on the new anemone.
Deepest pink penstemon trumpets flank the steps.

There’s a downpour of rain.
Which leaves water gurgling long after in the drain
and raindrops lined up across the top of each pane of glass
through which I sit and watch the world
a string of luminous beads.
The weather passing in waves
dark banks of cloud.
blown in on the wind.

I watch the birds feeding on peanuts.
A family of bluetits, sparrows and a great tit
fluttering back and forth to the pussy willow
grateful no doubt for cover during this moulting season.
The robin is already
resplendent in its new plummage.
Ruddy red right up from its breast,
To its head, neck and throat.
Fresh feathers for future flight
Symbol of regeneration.
as summer draws to a close

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