The Ancient Ones

From the beginning
We have been with you.
We are the Ancient Ones
And we remember. 

We remember the time when there was only love,
The time when all breathing was one.
We remember the seed of your being
Planted in the belly of the vast black night.
We remember the red cave of deep slumber,
The time of forgetting,
The sound of your breath,

The pulse of your heart.
We remember the force of your longing for life,
The cries of your birth
Brining you forth. 

We are the Ancient Ones
And we have waited
and watched. 

You say that you cannot remember that time
That you have no memory of us.
You say that you cannot hear our voices
That our touch no longer moves you.
You say there can be no return
That something has been lost,
That there is only

We say the time of waiting is over.
We say the silence has been broken.
We say there can be no forgetting now.
We say,

We are the bones of your grandmother’s grandmothers.
We have returned now,
We say you cannot forget us now,
We say we are with
And you are us.

The Ancient Ones by Patricia Reis

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