The Natural Flow of Life

In the Complete book of Oriental Yoga Hatha and Taoist Yoga for the Seasons By Michael Hetherington says,
“ There is no doubt that energy moves through us differently according to the time of day, the climatic conditions, the attitudes we harbor and the cycles of the moon, just to name a few. With the natural flow of seasons, so too it makes sense that our yoga practice is to reflect these changes. Throughout Chinese medicine and Taoist thought, the aim is to find and establish harmony by aligning with the natural flow of life. To live the path of least resistance means that one is aligned with nature and with the divine expression of life itself. These ideas are not limited to Chinese thought and can be found throughout ayurvedic medicine (said to be the oldest medicine on the planet), yogic science and many other traditions and cultures who place great importance on learning from the changes in nature……….No amount of individualized effort, willpower or force can be sustained and supported when working against the natural flow of nature and the universe. Only when one comes to flow with the natural forces of life and the universe, can one begin to uncover the deep peace, joy and stillness that reside within.”

I love this book. It is a treasure trove, it is only small but every yoga class I plan I start here and always learn something new. Thank you Michael Hetherington ❤️🙏xxx

PurpurMagenta (or purple)
Schön (beautiful)

Edel (noble)

Gut (good)

Nützlich (useful)

Gemein (mean, common)

Unnöthig (unnecessary)

As to what I have done as a poet… I take no pride in it… but that in my century I am the only person who knows the truth in the difficult science of colours—of that, I say, I am not a little proud, and here I have a consciousness of a superiority to many.— Goethe, as recalled by Johann EckermannConversations of Goethe, (tr. John Oxenford), London, 1930, p.302

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