Treesisters calling

This poem came through after watching David Attenborough’s Life on this Planet. If you haven’t watched it, may I HIGHLY recommend that you do and that you then share it far and wide. It’s causing a wave of awakening..

Amidst it all.
Amidst uncertainty
Emotional frailty
Realization that how we have lived
Has desecrated our world
Then knowingly 
Because we didn’t,
Because we don’t know how to stop.

Amidst it all
As the data pours in
As we struggle to breathe for the smoke
As fear grabs our hearts
And we’re forced to grab only that
That we could not live without 
The wedding album
Mums necklace 
My old boots
My husband
My heart 

Amidst it all
The yelp my body cries
Upon hearing only 4% of creatures
In our world are wild
The tears that flow 
For the loss, 
For the aching loss
Of those snuffed out 
Even without our knowing
For our convenience 
For a comfort shallow enough
To exclude almost the whole living world. 

Amidst it all
As the world lurches,
As Covid refuses to let us return to norm
As a world without hugs
Demands that pain is felt fully 
That loneliness is a call from the wild
Asking us to remember who we are
That we belong
That we are home in every moment
That we bow to the sky
And kiss the ground

Amidst it all,
The yearning to look away
The pull to dissociate 
The taste of grief
The exhaustion and inability
To make it all go away,
Your soul shines like a beacon of love
Like a blessing of pure hope 
Like a prayer of possibility 
amidst a stumbling world 

Amidst it all
The sacred texture of love
Is laced through every single thing
Is pulsing through the living
The faltering
The dying
The sacredness of life
Though overlooked by many
Rings loud enough to deafen
The awakening,
And may we all

Because amidst it all
The naked truth of who we are
Demands to be realized,
Felt and lived.
Calls to be embodied, 
unleashed and poured forth, 
As the blessings of our unchained gifts
Rise on behalf of life 
Rise on behalf of a living world
That we cannot live without
That crafted bone and brain
That breathes us.

Breathe. Feel. Open. 

Breathe and know that the forests
Live in your lungs,
That rivers fill your blood
And that your wings are only 
A realization away. 
That you are needed. 
The nature of you.
The fullness of you.
The courage of you.
The vulnerable you.
All of you, on behalf of all of life,
Is needed now. 

Amidst it all.
Now is the time to fly. 

By Clare Dubois

(Please feel free to copy and share to give this wings so that the call can travel. Thank you:-)

(Love Clare Dubois)

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