Witch Reclamation

Lisa Lester – Witch

five pointed pointed pentagram the universal symbol of The witch and one you’ll find when you cut through the centre of an apple the fruit that eve was banished from Eden for eating
and at each point of pentagram, she calls in A powerful witch archetype Guidess

the force of nature, she who cannot be controlled

the creatrix, she who dreams, manifests and makes magic

the oracle, she who trusts her intuition andsees all things

the healer, she who heals herself and heals the world

the sorceress, she who is charmed, dangerous and is not afraid of the dark.

Now these are the kind of witches girls should dress up as at halloween.
They are 5 archetypes present in each in every one of us and experiencing and feeling them fully will wake the witch in every woman.
Each has been revered, honoured and necessary in history.

She shares them to help us remember, to awaken the witch in us.
some have similarities some contradict

some will make you up comfy, some will sing to your soul
remember each to come to a place of wholeness. Remember our power and rediscover our own innate a


remember you are never alone

I’m here holding you

I offer you My trees my oceans and all my beauty
Mother Nature

A force of nature is a natural phenomenon that cannot be controlled.
YOU, woman, are a force of nature.
You are a natural phenomenon.
You are SHE who cannot be controlled.

Before you even think about making magic,
it’s important to grow strong, firm roots –
deep into the truth of who you are.
And that truth is this:
our bodies, if we let them,
are deeply in tune with the cycles of the seasons,
the elements and the moon.

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