Start April         Sunrise (Twilight         (6.16am) 6.50am,             Sunset (Twilight) 7.49pm (8.24pm)

By the end of the month                        (5.48am) 8.38am                             8.38pm  (9.16pm)

Hailstones & Sunshine, blackbirds bicker, blackthorn blossom, Llygaid Ebril Aprils eye the celandine open

1st April fools day

5th Qing Ming Pure Brightness / Clear and bright – qīngmíng festivals 5th term of the Chinese solar lunar calendar

8th New Moon in Aries Total solar eclipse –  time to plant this years seeds

14th cuckoos call now until solstice                                                                                               

20th Yin Taurus 8-10am             

20th Gǔ yǔ – Chinese Grain rain

22nd Earth Day

23rd St George’s Day – Dandelion picking day & start of asparagus season now until solstice

24th Full Pink moon in Scorpio

Medieval- Seed moon

Celtic- Growing moon

Native American- Pink moon

Awakening moon

Grass shoots moon

Southern Hemisphere- Egg moon

The Almanac – Budding / New shoots / Paschal moon

Me – Blossom moon Furry catkin moon

Full moon of April Theravada Buddhist New year – This almanac was born 2020

Clear and Bright: April 04 – April 19

Further reading on this mini-season: April 04, 2022

Grain Rain: April 20 -May 04

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