Lammas – 3pm August First harvest

Virgo new moon


September, or Hāligmonath, meaning “holy month,” when celebrations and religious festivals would be held to celebrate a successful summer’s crop. Holy, wood, harvest or barley month.

Celtic- Singing moon

Medieval- Barley moon

Native American- Corn moon

Harvest moon

Fruit moon

Cherokee – Nut moon

Hydrangea blooming

Autumn Equinox – 6pm

Chinese calendar Metal/Autumn: a period of harvesting and collecting

Michael heatherington meridians 

And because the early Roman year began in March rather than January, the final four months of our year—September, October, November and December—were originally the seventh (septem), eighth (octo), ninth (novem), and tenth (decem) months of the Roman calendar.


October was Winterfylleth, or the “winter full moon,” because, as Bede explained, winter was said to begin on the first full moon in October. Yellowing or Vintage month.

Celtic- harvest moon

Medieval- Blood moon

Native American- Hunter moon

Cherokee- Harvest moon

Samhain – 9pm 


November was Blōtmonath, or “the month of blood sacrifices.” No one is quite sure what the purpose of this late autumnal sacrifice would have been, but it’s likely that any older or infirm livestock that seemed unlikely to see out bad weather ahead would be killed both as a stockpile of food, and as an offering for a safe and mild winter. Slaughter month.

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