Aquarius 2-4 am

Aquarius, the sign of the sacred water-bearer, purifying & nourishing the earth Sun in Aquarius 20th January- 19th February Moon cycle in Aquarius 9th feb – 10th march.  (Equivalent to 3.30 – 5.30am)  Stirrings.  THE MONTH OF LOVEBirds singing & nesting   Valentine’s Day/birds wedding dayDreams turning into plans.  Roots pushing down  establish foundations   Prepare the ground. tap into your inner wisdom during Read more about Aquarius 2-4 am[…]

Full Worm Moon in Libra

The insects awaken, the sap rises Libra air / kindness/balance/harmony/relationships – make space, the worms are aerating the soil. What this full moon is illuminating is recent wounds and long term scars that inhibit our capacity for long term relating. The repeating patterns that I need to heal & release, to weed out, to get Read more about Full Worm Moon in Libra[…]

Pisces New moon

Dreams, liminality, the place between sleep and waking. The time of reawakening, stirring out of hibernation bringing the dreams of winter to the shore of consciousness. The final sign of the zodiac, the birthing of the dream. Believe. The fish has a reputation for being emotional and dreamy, but also exceptionally supportive of all matters of Read more about Pisces New moon[…]

Capricorn New Moon – First lunation of 2021

January 13th – February 19th Capricorn mountain goat finding a way through even the toughest mountain terrain. Capricorn season is the time of year when people turn inward—the dark and cold time. Capricorn energy invites us to hunker down and find the way through. Roots. Use this Capricorn new moon to consider what work needs to Read more about Capricorn New Moon – First lunation of 2021[…]

Late September – New Libra Moon

Sitings of the beautiful new crescent moon glowing in the embers of the setting sun reach us on Sundaybut we only catch sight of it on moon day and are awed. with the risingthe little egret orchid blooms, takes flight and fades almost within a day we could so easily have missed it. And it’s Read more about Late September – New Libra Moon[…]