Floating downriver

The chance of humming – Rumi A man standing on two logs in a river. might do alright floating with the current. while humming in the now Though if one log is tied to a camel. who is heading south along the river at the same pace. all could still be well with the world. Read more about Floating downriver[…]

Late September – New Libra Moon

Sitings of the beautiful new crescent moon glowing in the embers of the setting sun reach us on Sundaybut we only catch sight of it on moon day and are awed. with the risingthe little egret orchid blooms, takes flight and fades almost within a day we could so easily have missed it. And it’s Read more about Late September – New Libra Moon[…]


Furry mint flowers mint me at the doorThe Hydrangea and sunflowers are finishing. But there’s a bud on the new anemone. Deepest pink penstemon trumpets flank the steps. There’s a downpour of rain. Which leaves water gurgling long after in the drain and raindrops lined up across the top of each pane of glassthrough which Read more about Home[…]

Crouch Estuary

dreams. Bronze Slow worm. hop flowers foxWood pigeon calling, calling me home Unpaved road. hidden reserveblue house farm. owl cam. sheep camouflaged ingolden fields. red sail passing. guiding us on. steps rising. onto the sea wall. Soft breeze cooling. flap of wings so close. skimming the surface of the dry yellow grasssmell of the seaweed Read more about Crouch Estuary[…]

Reservoir Days

Dragonflies and black-faced sheepan elusive grey legged goose rain comes. gentle at first land we’re undercover of the treesbut quickly it’s heavier. and we make for the wooden hides. Here we can sit shelteredsurrounded by the sights and sounds of nature’s intrigues Breathe, soften, release,And remember ourselves as a part of the universe expanding. Come Read more about Reservoir Days[…]

Seeing the old with new eyes

Swirling whirling clouds of past, present, future mixing and merging time. flowing back into an old place finding things I’d never seen before. Getting off the arterial roadsAnd beyond the back streetsthere’s golden fields.looking up above the houses. there are trees all around here. Just north a bit are some of the oldest oaks in Read more about Seeing the old with new eyes[…]