Hunters blood Full moon in Aries

October was Winterfylleth, or the “winter full moon,”

because, as Bede explained,

winter was said to begin on the first full moon in October.

Rebekah Shaman’s Lunascope

We are now coming to the last few moons of the year, and the intensity is going to increase, as  2021 slowly comes to completion, and things feel more destabilising and precarious. This can be both painful and liberating, depending on whether we are focusing on the blessings, or the burdens.

I love the Aries full moon. As it brightens our night skies, and ramps up the energy on the planet, I can feel it fuelling my passions, strengthening my courage, and re-igniting my faith. It’s fiery energy is helping me to integrate back into London, ram through any limited thoughts and fears, and inspiring me to take action and get things done.

In perfect timing, over the last two weeks Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury have all finally turned direct to really make this moon dynamic, and many of us will be feeling the momentum.

This may be the reason why you are not sleeping well, feeling more excited, anxious and jittery, and generally feeling surges of energy for the next few days, both positive and negative.

Over the last year and a half, anything that is no longer aligned with our principles, values, and beliefs has been rocked, including friendships, jobs and relationships. The coronavirus has forced us to find our own inner clarity, regardless of what the people around us believe.

This has been challenging, and may have left you feeling isolated, alone and even rejected. Fortunately, this coming Aries full moon is bringing the focus back to ourselves, and re-igniting our convictions and beliefs.

With the support of the cosmos we are getting the boost we need to find the courage to stand in our power, speak our truth, and take the risks we need to live life the way we want too.

We are also being urged to stop hiding behind our own limiting beliefs and thought forms, and trust that we can change our reality, and live our dreams, even when the obstacles seem stacked against us.

This Aries full moon also inspires us to find the courage to face our own inner demons. Try not to blow up at people, or impress your ideas and values on others. We are all going through this internal process, and knowing who you are, and what you believe in will help you stay centred and harmonious, regardless of what people around you are doing.

The Aries full moon strengthens our sense of personal sovereignty, and forces us to face what real freedom means to us. If we are not in alignment with ourselves we will feel this disconnect, and lack of freedom, more strongly over this moon.

When we are in harmony with who we really are, we feel a sense of empowerment that we will never find from external sources. For many of us being compliant is no longer an option, and this Aries full moon is illuminating where we can no longer suppress our truth, urging us to take a leap into the unknown and take action.

Only when we follow the calling of our hearts and take the first courageous steps towards creating our dreams can we really begin to change our world and the world around us… and this Aries full moon is the perfect moon to take that courageous leap of faith.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of Jim Rohn.
“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of. You don’t have charge of the constellations, but you do have charge of whether you read, develop new skills, and take new classes.”
 Wishing you all an empowered, passion-fuelled and energised
Aries full moon

Make sure you find some time for you this week. 

When you have completed all your tasks for the day and you are ready to give the time to yourself find a peaceful space where you can just be. Light some candles and burn incense to create a calming environment.

Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, or lying down, whatever feels most comfortable. Close your eyes and become aware of your body. Connect deeply and slowly relax your body from the top of your head, face, neck, arms, torso, thighs, legs and feet.

As you exhale release all your stresses and frustrations, just breathe them right out of your body. Repeat this process three times, or until you feel relaxed and peaceful. You can put on some music to help you with the journey.

Now imagine yourself in a sacred place in nature, where you can be fully yourself, and in your power. It can be a place you know, a place from your childhood, or a place you have imagined.

Once you are there ask yourself what you need, in order to shine brighter and ram through any fear that is holding you back. Don’t force the answer, instead let it come bubbling up from within. Let the silence work its magic and soon you will be able to hear the whispers of your heart.

Now imagine these blockages as layers of an onion that are surrounding you, like an old worn-out skin. See yourself consciously peeling off each layer, becoming aware of its colour, shape, smell, and taste, and destroying them in some way (in a fire, burying it, smashing it, in a river/ocean/waterfall, throwing it into space etc).

Once you have removed all the onion layers, imagine a golden flame at your solar plexus chakra glowing brighter and brighter and flowing around your body, until you become golden light. With the blockages no longer holding you back, open your heart and imagine yourself manifesting all your dreams and intentions.

It’s time to ram through the fear and this exercise helps us to do this energetically, making it easier for us to take action in our three-dimensional reality.

Love and Blessings 

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