Posting seeds and a new Phone

Damselflies and Orange roses.
a blue moon bud appears.
swifts, swallows and housemartins.
Fierce heat and teenage happiness.
love and futures
open-hearts and open minds
there will be no peace
until the least experience no lack
puffs of white cloud.
the sound of lambs
And dogs barking
wind and rustling leaves.
time to water the plants.
bees zoom,
flies hover
wood knocking.
a bird settles on a branch.
another flies past low.
All around birdsong.
beautiful and amazing in its diversity.
I’m no more than a few feet above the ground.
but feel so much closer to the leafy canopy
there’s something magical.
about swinging suspended in a hammock.
Life seems to forget I’m here.
A neighbouring hen announces her egg.
A motorbike revs, zooms and changes gear.
The wind wafts and rustles.
birds squawk, squabble and shriek.
voices shout and laugh.
A horn beeps.
Bats tap tap ping-pong balls
And the light shimmers
as the sun drops beneath the crown of the trees.

fitures diversity.
overestimated our ability to control nature

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