Swimming through sunlight

Ox-eye daises and honeysuckle flowers
Bonfires, marshmallows and sleeping under the stars.
rats and cats.
strawberries, blueberries and banana pancakes.
bacon on a breakfast campfire
Hammocks slung between trees so completely rooted,
solidity from the mossy trunk rising up out of the grassy mound
taking my weight as a swing.
The Ash trees have made it into leaf.
Fresh young waftiness in a canopy above me.
waves of wind passing through
swaying, praying

Elderflower mint fizz.
bess buzzy, flies frantic, me still.
Lying belly to the Earth now
sun on my shoulders,
shadows skim and swim across the grass.
tall blades quivering.
leaves bob and rustle.
branches bounce, flick and nod.
tousled by the gusts.
waving hands, wagging fingers,
riding the breeze,
They stretch out across the sky to touch.
As above so below
and me in between.
Horses hooves and whinnies,
the crow picks off the blushing cherries.
Seagull white and Magpie black, soar and glide

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